Must Read Books About Becoming A Business Owner

It is a fact to say that many people discovers the truth about creating a business in stellar books. Even with this fact, most people don’t spend time knowing the right approaches for a business. Reading stellar books will help you discover tips and recommendations about business creation. It is a great way to establish your feet in business without any failure.  

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: 

This is one of the best books to read if you want to be a successful business owner. The book will help you create a good story in a noisy social environment. Gary Vaynerchuck is the author of this amazing book. Gary helps you to understand the problems that business owners face in a social media world.  

Even if you are in a noisy social media world, the book will help in opening certain techniques. For a business to be successful, it has to have a great marketing strategy. A business that compels people to read its content will always experience success.  

In this digital age, many companies may find it difficult to still touch a customer. This is because the right marketing technique may not be available in the business. Reading through the content of Gary’s book will help you become a professional business owner.  


Socialnomics is a product from Erik Qualman. Erik is a professional social expert with the understanding to help people become business specialists. If you are the staunchest skeptic in the world, socialnomics from Erik will bring a convincing statement.  

Erik’s book mentions that with social media a business can become successful. Social media is becoming popular every day and people are buying into it. Erik states that the way you do business in this current social world can be helpful.  

Tapping into the social stratosphere with a bold look can help you make tons of dollars. This is because marketing costs will reduce to a lower state when using social media.  


David Heinemeier and Jason Fried are the authors of this amazing book. With this book, you will change the way of doing business forever. If you are looking for smarter and better techniques to implement your business plan, then give this book a try.  

Using this book will help you discover the inefficiency of several techniques that people use. Rework is a great book that will help you have a different mindset in working harder. Investors will be able to take the bold and inspiring step they need in making their business work. The goal of the book is to make you effective when creating a business.  


Having the right principles available to execute a business will help you grow. People who lack the right resources in creating a business will end up in failure. Top stand out of the crowd, it is important to use the best creative sources. On this note, reading the books above will help you become a successful business owner. It will also help you to take advantage of this current social media world for good.  

Famous CEO’s and Businesses That Began In Oklahoma

There are many popular businesses and CEOs in the state of Oklahoma. Businesses and CEOs in the private company, public and non-profit are massive. Keep reading this content to see more famous CEOs and businesses in the state.

Public Company Category:

Chad Richison, Paycom. This business owner has been operating in Oklahoma for a long time. If you’re talking about a professional payroll service with trust, then Chad is great. It is one of the most reliable payment processing services in Oklahoma with a good name.

Nonprofit Category:

Christy Elkins: Christy is the founder of Chickasha Economic Development Council. With the hope to boost employment, this service has been providing top-notch solutions. In areas of financing and the economy, Christy has become a great source of support.

Barbara Chishko: This is one of the best services in Oklahoma for birth issues. Birth Choice of Oklahoma Inc. emanates from the professionalism of Barbara Chishko.

Tom Friedemann: Information and technology is not lagging in the state of Oklahoma. Tom is the creator of Francis Tuttle Technology Center and can help provide service in data.

Ann Felton Gilliland: It is the Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity service. Ann with her professional touches provides you with exceptional solution in humanity.

Daryl Hill: Daryl is the founder of Oklahoma Society of CPAs. May be it is time for people to know that CPAs are wonderful for the economy. Hill is one of the professionals to count on with CPA values.

Loren Gresham: Academics will not fail anyone living in Oklahoma. For this reason, the Southern Nazarene University is able to help you earn a degree.

Private Company Category:

Gary Allison: The creator of the Tri-State Industrial Group is proud to help in providing tons of jobs. This great service deals with information and transportation issues.

Dixie Agostino: This is a recruiting service with a great prospect to help in finding jobs. Switchgear Search and Recruiting remains the handiwork of Dixie Agostino.

Todd Brown: The healthcare industry in Oklahoma is bouncing high every. Todd is the real face of the medical sector of the state with a great sense to help in healthcare services.

Bruce Benbrook: Finance is one of the booming sectors in Oklahoma. Bruce runs The Stock Exchange Bank service with great professionalism. Get your real exchange solutions with Bruce Benbrook.

Brian Clemens: Brian operates the Community Hospital with an amazing goal to help. People in this environment can testify of the innovation of Brian’s services.

Mark Kochner: The Tedford Insurance Company will help you achieve the best assurance.

Oklahoma is a state where you will find all kinds of businesses and CEOs. These CEOs and businesses in this section will help you see the productivity level of the state. It also helps visitors to know the value of investment in Oklahoma.

If you want to be a part of the system, then enroll today in Oklahoma. With consistency and dedication, you will be among one of the best CEOs in the state. Becoming a successful CEO is one of the greatest achievements in Oklahoma.

Top 5 Mistakes New Business Owners Make

Creating a new business is never a problem, but commitment and dedication matters a lot. Many startups end up in ugly conditions. This is because of the errors that come up during the course of running the business. To avoid making mistakes as a new startup, follow the information in this content. 


It took several years and dedication to build Rome. This is a great application to any new business. In the first 1-2 years, it is evident that most businesses don’t earn profits. Even if you experience an initial success, there can be setbacks.  

There should be financial reserves for a new business. Another important thing to know is long-suffering. Patience is the key to anything in life. If you will be impatient in your business, then be ready for a fall.  

Lack Of A Proper Business Entity: 

Setting up a business entity is great for any startup. The image of your business is important for your success. Many businesses like to rush things and forget the most important issue of their brand.  

This will always come to bite you at the back without any notifications. When the wrong business entity is all you choose before operation, failure kicks in. It is a good idea to know the ins and outs of the business you want to operate. This helps in creating a business entity that stands out of the crowd.  


When there is no proper business schedule, you may end up spending more money. If a business is spending more that it earns, you will experience some financial setbacks. There should be a form of control to the money you spend as a new startup.  

Being conservative in business is always a wise approach. It helps you save money and not losing funds to overspending. Ensure to track the success of your profits. It will help your business to save money and progress.  

Lack Of A Market Plan: 

The marketing schedule of your organization should move along with the business plan. The business you want to operate will not get any notifications if no promotions exist.  To create a great marketing plan, it is important to know your target audiences.  

Once this is complete, you can now structure a way to reach your target audience. A good market plan is always on what the customers want. It will help your business stand out of the competition. Ensure that only things that work for your customers should be the priority of the business.  


When a service or product is under cost, then you are in for failure. Many startup work harder and end up losing more money due to underpricing. Many startups like lowering their service or product below the normal cost. This can have a negative impact in the growth of your business.  


So as you can see, if you are a startup, it is important to avoid common mistakes. It will only jeopardize your chances of becoming successful and great.  The best approach a new business needs is by ensuring that everything remains equal.  

Which Industries Are Popular In Oklahoma?

While the economic recovery period exists, Oklahoma continues to grow strong. Since the start of the recession, the growth of job is now at 4.7 percent. The entire nation has a net job profit of 1.4 percent in the same period of the recession. The level of unemployment in the state of Oklahoma is below the normal average.

This implies that the major industries in the state are doing well at the moment. As the recovery process continues, many industries have been in the lead to raise the state up. This content will help you discover some of the major industries in Oklahoma with a fast growth rate.

Defense And Aerospace:

Tinker Air Force Base in operating in Oklahoma with a workforce of 26,000. This is the world’s biggest military logistic center and aircraft-maintenance complex.

Another amazing player in the industry is the American Airline’s repair service. With this information, records show that the aviation industry provides 143,000 jobs.

Distribution And Transportation:

The McClellan Kerr River Navigation System is leader in commercial shipping of steel. The flow of this process moves from the state of Oklahoma and direct into Arkansas. With this business initiative, the Mississippi River is always busy.

Oklahoma also has the advantage of 3 interstate highways, 5 airports and 2 key railroads. Oklahoma is a state that promotes distribution and transportation to its core.


The energy industry in Oklahoma contains ¼ of the working people of the state. When talking about the development of job in this industry, natural gas and oil takes the lead. Twenty percent of the jobs in the state of Oklahoma come from the natural gas and oil sectors.

The economy is also seeing a flourish in the use of wind energy. The state of Oklahoma has over fourteen wind services and accountable for 4,000 jobs. This sector handles three hundred and forty million dollars in labor revenue.

Bioscience And Agriculture:

In Oklahoma, people adore the agriculture industry with pride. The state of Oklahoma is a food-producing region that many people enjoy. It also has bioscience and agriculture professions for development and research.

Fertilizer manufacturing, distribution and commodity production operates also under these professions. The state has over five hundred bioscience organizations and businesses.

The bioscience businesses in the state account for 6.7 billion dollars. Educational resources such as Oklahoma State University gain strength from biosciences and agriculture.

Finance And Information:

IBM, Google and ADP are big information centers in the state of Oklahoma. These industries have become a great source of growth for the state. Many people are now finding their positions both in information and finance in the state.

In a nutshell, Oklahoma is a great state to be when visiting the US. The growth of the state is a product of the wonderful industries available. The current condition of the state is promising and people hope for a better future. Oklahoma is the state of excellence and class, give it a try now.

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Fun fact: Oklahoma the movie came out in 1955 and is based on the 1943 stage musical, Oklahoma! written by Richard Rodgers. The idea was to film on site at first, but at the last minute they changed the locations. Filming locations include Arizona and California since at the time there were large oil wells in Oklahoma that would have been seen in many of the shots during filming. It is still a beautiful film that captures the overall beauty and feel of this amazing state. If you ever have a chance to watch the whole movie, you should!