Famous CEO’s and Businesses That Began In Oklahoma

There are many popular businesses and CEOs in the state of Oklahoma. Businesses and CEOs in the private company, public and non-profit are massive. Keep reading this content to see more famous CEOs and businesses in the state.

Public Company Category:

Chad Richison, Paycom. This business owner has been operating in Oklahoma for a long time. If you’re talking about a professional payroll service with trust, then Chad is great. It is one of the most reliable payment processing services in Oklahoma with a good name.

Nonprofit Category:

Christy Elkins: Christy is the founder of Chickasha Economic Development Council. With the hope to boost employment, this service has been providing top-notch solutions. In areas of financing and the economy, Christy has become a great source of support.

Barbara Chishko: This is one of the best services in Oklahoma for birth issues. Birth Choice of Oklahoma Inc. emanates from the professionalism of Barbara Chishko.

Tom Friedemann: Information and technology is not lagging in the state of Oklahoma. Tom is the creator of Francis Tuttle Technology Center and can help provide service in data.

Ann Felton Gilliland: It is the Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity service. Ann with her professional touches provides you with exceptional solution in humanity.

Daryl Hill: Daryl is the founder of Oklahoma Society of CPAs. May be it is time for people to know that CPAs are wonderful for the economy. Hill is one of the professionals to count on with CPA values.

Loren Gresham: Academics will not fail anyone living in Oklahoma. For this reason, the Southern Nazarene University is able to help you earn a degree.

Private Company Category:

Gary Allison: The creator of the Tri-State Industrial Group is proud to help in providing tons of jobs. This great service deals with information and transportation issues.

Dixie Agostino: This is a recruiting service with a great prospect to help in finding jobs. Switchgear Search and Recruiting remains the handiwork of Dixie Agostino.

Todd Brown: The healthcare industry in Oklahoma is bouncing high every. Todd is the real face of the medical sector of the state with a great sense to help in healthcare services.

Bruce Benbrook: Finance is one of the booming sectors in Oklahoma. Bruce runs The Stock Exchange Bank service with great professionalism. Get your real exchange solutions with Bruce Benbrook.

Brian Clemens: Brian operates the Community Hospital with an amazing goal to help. People in this environment can testify of the innovation of Brian’s services.

Mark Kochner: The Tedford Insurance Company will help you achieve the best assurance.

Oklahoma is a state where you will find all kinds of businesses and CEOs. These CEOs and businesses in this section will help you see the productivity level of the state. It also helps visitors to know the value of investment in Oklahoma.

If you want to be a part of the system, then enroll today in Oklahoma. With consistency and dedication, you will be among one of the best CEOs in the state. Becoming a successful CEO is one of the greatest achievements in Oklahoma.