We Love Oklahoma!

Our passion for this state is very deep! We love everything about Oklahoma, from its expansive landscapes, to its rich cities, and good people. Small Businesses are the lifeblood of America, and Oklahoma is no different. We take pride in providing top notch business reviews that you can trust across the state of Oklahoma.

Stay Tuned for Future Plans:

In addition to business reviews, we hope to draw visitors to our website by providing resources that are relavent to Oklahoma residents. We plan to include links to state agencies , information for visitors and residents, education, recreation, health and public safety, facts and history. Also, we want to provide answers to the most often asked questions about the state , as well as a mailing list and links to state information resources. We plan to have a list of symbols, songs, flora and fauna associated with the state.

Speaking of songs, though our website has just started,  we wanted to entertain you while you wait for the meat and potatoes with this well-known ballad about our beloved state. It is from the famous musical, Oklahoma.

Do you know the lyrics? You can sing along! Don’t worry, we won’t judge or critique you on your singing. Please watch the video below, and enjoy!

Fun fact: Oklahoma the movie came out in 1955 and is based on the 1943 stage musical, Oklahoma! written by Richard Rodgers. The idea was to film on site at first, but at the last minute they changed the locations. Filming locations include Arizona and California since at the time there were large oil wells in Oklahoma that would have been seen in many of the shots during filming. It is still a beautiful film that captures the overall beauty and feel of this amazing state. If you ever have a chance to watch the whole movie, you should!