Which Industries Are Popular In Oklahoma?

While the economic recovery period exists, Oklahoma continues to grow strong. Since the start of the recession, the growth of job is now at 4.7 percent. The entire nation has a net job profit of 1.4 percent in the same period of the recession. The level of unemployment in the state of Oklahoma is below the normal average.

This implies that the major industries in the state are doing well at the moment. As the recovery process continues, many industries have been in the lead to raise the state up. This content will help you discover some of the major industries in Oklahoma with a fast growth rate.

Defense And Aerospace:

Tinker Air Force Base in operating in Oklahoma with a workforce of 26,000. This is the world’s biggest military logistic center and aircraft-maintenance complex.

Another amazing player in the industry is the American Airline’s repair service. With this information, records show that the aviation industry provides 143,000 jobs.

Distribution And Transportation:

The McClellan Kerr River Navigation System is leader in commercial shipping of steel. The flow of this process moves from the state of Oklahoma and direct into Arkansas. With this business initiative, the Mississippi River is always busy.

Oklahoma also has the advantage of 3 interstate highways, 5 airports and 2 key railroads. Oklahoma is a state that promotes distribution and transportation to its core.


The energy industry in Oklahoma contains ¼ of the working people of the state. When talking about the development of job in this industry, natural gas and oil takes the lead. Twenty percent of the jobs in the state of Oklahoma come from the natural gas and oil sectors.

The economy is also seeing a flourish in the use of wind energy. The state of Oklahoma has over fourteen wind services and accountable for 4,000 jobs. This sector handles three hundred and forty million dollars in labor revenue.

Bioscience And Agriculture:

In Oklahoma, people adore the agriculture industry with pride. The state of Oklahoma is a food-producing region that many people enjoy. It also has bioscience and agriculture professions for development and research.

Fertilizer manufacturing, distribution and commodity production operates also under these professions. The state has over five hundred bioscience organizations and businesses.

The bioscience businesses in the state account for 6.7 billion dollars. Educational resources such as Oklahoma State University gain strength from biosciences and agriculture.

Finance And Information:

IBM, Google and ADP are big information centers in the state of Oklahoma. These industries have become a great source of growth for the state. Many people are now finding their positions both in information and finance in the state.

In a nutshell, Oklahoma is a great state to be when visiting the US. The growth of the state is a product of the wonderful industries available. The current condition of the state is promising and people hope for a better future. Oklahoma is the state of excellence and class, give it a try now.